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457 76e avenue, Lasalle, Québec
Phone : 514.794.7171


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School year/Age

Grade 5 to 12

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

School subject (primary)


School subject (secondary)


Links with the curriculum

Participants fall in love with rhyme and writing. This encourages participants to speak French even more.


For the show and/or the conference: A space big enough to accommodate your audience. For writing workshops: Pencil and paper for each participant.


Alberta Tour: From November 11 to December 6, 2019

Spring Tour: TBA (to be announced)


Number of participants

Show & conference: As you wish

Workshop :10: min | 30: max 


1 hour per part


Conference: 850$

Show: 1050$

Workshop: 225$


LECTURE: Inspired by his personal experience, MC JUNE stresses the importance of academic perseverance. Dropout at age 16, he goes back to school and develops a mastery of the French language that allows him to realize his dreams. Through his lecture, which includes a performance as well as a participative part, MC JUNE discusses his many passions, his academic and professional background, as well as some stories about his tours, his family and the different ways to approach and seeing success. -> School perseverance -> Achieving your ambitions -> Freelance worker -> Living your passion

SHOW: MC JUNE tells his story. Through rap, slam, storytelling, and improvisation, the rapper shares his experiences of a lifetime of successes, flops, and challenges. A positive, motivating and engaging message pushing us to have a reflection about how our actions affect our life and our success.

WORKSHOPS: Here's a great way to share knowledge, promote exchanges and connect with the public. The entertainer explains what is Slam across history, tells his personal experiences and then recites some of his poems. In the second part, MC JUNE invites students to take part in an individual writing session or a duet. Examples of topics that inspire young people include true stories, emotions, news, bullying, passions, etc. Afterward, participants have the opportunity to recite their poems in front of the class. It is possible to hold contests in the school or even within a school board.




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