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Sylvain Henri-Simard & Caroline Robitaille

Phone : (819) 668-3467


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Provincial (Beaumont _ Canmore _ Okotoks)

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Grade 1 - 12

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MONDE À PART touches several aspects of the study program and particularly elements in social studies and what pertains to Canada’s Great North. Your students will learn about the unique particularities of this little-known corner of the country and its population, arctic fauna and blizzards! Please note that we have developed a virtual format due to the pandemic.

Our educational shows and workshops are specially designed for French schools and French immersion programs and are presented by two professional artists who both have extensive backgrounds in education.

All of our products adapt to the age of all participants.

Visit our website for more information: 

Contact Caroline Robitaille for more details: 613-869-9003.


We ask schools to provide a spacious class room or multifunctional room such as a library or gym. The artists do not wish to move in between workshops or performances.


Contact us for more details and to know our price list.


Due to the pandemic MONDE À PART has developed an online virtual format  - current circumstances oblige.

We currently offer the following two formats:

1. VIRTUAL FORMAT _ Pre-recorded web performance + 55 minute virtual meeting with students via the Zoom as well as a short live streamed performance. 

During the virtual meeting, the artists will talk about their work as singer-songwriters and will answer questions that students will have prepared beforehand. This activity is specially formatted for students grade K-12 in core French and French immersion programs. 

This package is available for the duration of the pandemic and as long as the sanitary measures will prevent traditional performances, that is to say, a physical face to face presentation in school auditoriums.

2. PHYSICAL FORMAT _ In school show + CHANSON À PART workshops (artist residency on a 4 to 5 day period). This format is offered only if the sanitary measures allow.

Please contact us for our price list and for more details.

 MONDE À PART is a unique concept offered by Sylvain-Henri Simard and Caroline Robitaille both artists specializing in education.

For more information on the services offered, please visit the website of MONDE À PART by following this link: WWW.MONDEAPART.CA