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Specialist in French /maths and writing and reading problems

Isabelle Leclerc
13221 Mac Donald dr, Fort McMurray, AB
Phone : 4189529337


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School year/Age

Grade 2 to 12

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

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Fine Arts
Off-campus Education
Social studies

Teaching materials

different activities, tests, ..

Links with the curriculum

  • Learn to identify narrators, narrative patterns, and levels of narration
  • Write and analyze narrative genres such as : 
  • Structre thoughts 
  • Define relevant content
  • Imporve quality of french (spelling and grammar) and voabulary 
  • Identify reading and writing problems and their solutions 
  • Individual teaching and tutoring


nothing specific, I adapt my classes based on knowledge.


Available during class hours or extra time scheduled.

Number of participants

It could be individual classes or groups, it could also be a group of teachers interested in the same subject.


They are 45 minutes each classes but I recommend a minimum of 3 to go over a subject.

Ideally, 3 to 6 classes should cover a subject but a program of 10 classes can be available as well if needed.


50$ for 45 minutes online classes.

Additionnal travel costs for in-person teaching.

A special price for 3 or more classes can be negotiated.


My name is Isabelle Leclerc.

I hold a Bachelor's degree in French and Quebec literature from Laval University, specializing in poetry and theater and a Master's degree in literature, specializing in tales, legends, and the fantastic, from UL (Université Laval). In addition, I am pursuing doctoral studies in the sociology of literature, in collaboration between UL and the University of Montreal.

I have contributed to the writing of articles for journals as a literary critic and researcher for dictionaries and literary works, primarily in Quebec. I also founded a private school to assist adults and children with difficulties in learning reading and writing (Clinique de lecture et d'écriture Isabelle Leclerc INC).

Currently, I work for the media as a researcher and editor/journalist in Alberta.

I openly express a passion for narrative genres and take great pleasure in communicating it to both children and adults. I am organized and have a thorough mastery of my content!

I would be delighted to collaborate with you and share my knowledge!

I propose workshops for both:

  • Teachers: to enhance their knowledge of various narrative genres and understanding of different narrators.

  • Students of all grades: to develop skills in recognizing different genres, structured and defined writing, and making informed choices in their content.

For students struggling with reading and writing: evaluation tests for reading and writing issues.

Classes are in French only