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Hélène Engel

Helene Engel
4963 Earnscliffe, Montréal, QC H3X 2P4
Phone : (514) 345-1449


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School year/Age

Kindergarten to Grade 12

Language level

French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

School subject (primary)

Fine Arts

School subjects (secondary)

Fine Arts
Social studies

Teaching materials

Educational activity booklet

Links with the curriculum

Show: discovery of a culture, sung participation, understanding and pronunciation of French, music discovery.

Workshop: Work on / with / about ... the French language, songwriting, development of creativity , grammar, spelling , geography, history , music, music history


Show: sound system (amplifier, mixer, microphones on foot, direct box)
Workshop: large sheets of paper,  white or blackboard to write.

Online workshop : Anything to write down one's ideas : on the computer notebook or a special document or a piece of paper.


I live in Montreal. I can travel for the shows and/or workshops but it is necessary  to group several together to make it worthwhile to come.

Online workshops : I can adapt to your convenience.

Number of participants

Show: no maximum or minimum, depends on the school and the sound system of the room
Workshop: minimum 5 students, maximum of one class.

Online workshop : no maximum or minimum


Show :

Set up : 30-45 min
Show : 90 min +
Take down : 30 min

Workshop : no set up or take down - Duration 60 to 120 minutes (I can acommodate your needs)


Grand public : $1200 (negociable)
Atelier : to be negociated


Workshops to consolidate language skills: SING IN FRENCH!
Content (to choose with the teacher according to its objectives and the possible duration of the workshop):
- Voice Games on specific French sounds (nasal, R, J ...)
- Learning French songs that allow becoming familiar with the culture
- Joint songwriting that promote dialogue and allow individual expression by touching aspects which are not only linguistic. Idioms, proverbs, verbal images are an important part of the language of a country. Songwriting makes working on humoristic, according to the level of students. 

Show: The songs are from various French and Jewish traditions. More than 70% of the songs are in French (original language or translation or adaptation), some are in different languages, but all are introduced in French or English according to the wishes of the venue. Melodies of yesterday and modern compositions are offered in innovative arrangements , seasoned with a pinch of humor, agrain of  nostalgia, 2 tablespoons of madness and a good measure of laughter.