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Kindergarten to grade 12

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French as a First Language
French immersion
French as a Second Language

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Assessment testing, episodes, activities, worksheets, reporting, and lesson plans

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All of our student resources are aligned with the new Alberta curriculum, making it easy for teachers to assign the resources they deem appropriate for their students.


 Matific is a fully digital math resource where we provide onboarding and training for all users who implement the platform. 


Matific can be accessed online anytime by student, teachers or parents. There is no deadline or time limit.

Number of participants

There is no min or max number of participants required for Matific - anyone can use it.


Matific provides a free trail for a min of 30 days to give teachers the chance to implement Matific into their classrooms to get feedback from students and parents. 


Pricing is flexible depending on how many students are using the platform. The more students on the platform the lower the price will be. 

  • For 1 student in a classroom - we charge $18/CAD annually 
  • For children at home & for parent use - we charge $89/CAD annually


Matific is a digital math resource that empowers teachers while engaging and motivating students. Matific is available in over 40 languages, making it a great resource for students who are fluent in French or just starting to learn.

Matific is unique thanks to its adaptive learning algorithm, each student will have a personalized learning path that suits them best. You will find more information about our pedagogy below.